UK Parliament vaping enquiry: what we said

Beckett Associates haas long been involved in the legislative debate around vaping, dating back to 2013 and the European Parliament’s decision not to ban the entire category in 2013.

Now the UK Parliament is looking into the situation in order to assess what can be done to improve the situation for smokers and vapers. With the UK about to leave the EU (we give Brext a 60% chance of actually happening at this stage), there are opportunities for the law to be changed as it relates to products sold in the United Kingdom, although whether this actually happens will depend on whether the United Kingdom agrees to abide by EU law once it leave the EU’s political institutions.

The enquiry is being led by Liberal Democrat MP Norman Lamb who, during the legislative procedure for the TPD, was a Minister in the Health Department and backed the vaping community in their struggle to ensure products on the market remained legal.

The enquiry is currently accepting evidence from those with a stake in the future of vaping: consumers, producers and those in public health. You can learn more about the enquiry here.

As we’ve been involved in legislation for this sector for a number of years, we’ve submitted written evidence to the enquiry. It’s not been published yet, but you can read what we said here.

We are looking forward to continuing to engage with Parliament on this issue, and if you have any feedback, we would love to hear it with a view to incorporating it into our future submissions to Government at all levels.