Master the TPD

Master the TPD

A turn-key TPD compliance service taking you from zero to notified and beyond.



Instant toxicological literature searches for any chemical substance.

Making regulation simple

Making regulation simple

Let us guide you through vaping rules and legislation around the world.


Regulatory consulting for the vaping industry

We are a specialist management consultancy that helps vaping companies innovate and grow while successfully navigating political and regulatory risk around the world.

We work with nicotine, cannabidiol and nutraceutical formulations delivered through both plant and liquid based vaporization technology.

We work on notifications under the Tobacco Products Directive in Europe (EU TPD), applications for Premarket Tobacco Product Authorizations in the United States (PMTA), and applications for a medicinal marketing authorization in the United Kingdom (MAA).

We also provide intelligence on innovation through our in-depth reports and analysis, and toxicity data for flavoring substances through our FlavourTox program.

Toxicological literature searches on any substance you need
We are the leading all-inclusive TPD notification service

Our values

Our added value is a deep understanding of the science, politics and regulation of vaping.
The way we work is guided by our core values, which set us apart from the crowd:


Every Beckett Associates client will have full visibility and traceability on the work that we perform for them. No more worrying whether TPD submissions have been made and what’s in them, we give all our clients not just ECID numbers but the entire package of data we submit to the authorities.


We are about giving straight answers to straight questions and we don’t do smoke and mirrors. When we work with third parties, we tell you who they are and why we work with them.


Our team are highly trained in their fields and possess specialist knowledge that really adds value. When you talk to us, you will always talk to an expert who can answer your question, not a salesperson who wants to upsell.


While the calibre of our people means that we’ll never be the cheapest on the market, we believe that we bring the best value for money. We are also a lean operation with low overheads and we pass these savings on to our clients.


Master the TPD

  • Disclosure
  • Formulation and reformulation
  • Quality Systems
  • Vapor Analysis
  • Toxicological data search
  • Notification filling
  • Acceptance and declaration

We were at the forefront of the development of TPD before it became law, helping industry negotiate with the European Commission in order to shape the rules. We were at the forefront of its implementation, facilitating the setup of standards committees and shaping the secondary legislation which details how the Directive works. And now, we are at the forefront of helping companies comply with the Directive, having successfully notified vaping products, smokeless tobacco and herbal smoking articles.

We work with leading analytical laboratories and give clients use of our FlavourTox system in order to ensure that notifications are compliant. We are on good terms with the leading suppliers to the industry and have successfully obtained recipe disclosure from flavoring companies around the world.

Formulation and quality issues are dealt with by a globally recognized pharmaceutical scientist and we have been able to reformulate liquids where this is needed. And a semi-automated process ensures accurate filing of the notification with regulatory authorities in member states.

You can find out more about the TPD in our News and Updates section

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FDA: Prepare for regulation

Our team has experience submitting both approvals for pharmaceuticals and TPD notifications for numerous active substances including nicotine. We have access to leading researcher in this field, and while no one can make any guarantees when it comes to FDA approval for vaping products, we believe that we can give our customers a good chance at a reasonable cost. We follow the process outlined in the diagram, and we work in partnership with as many other applicants as possible - whether they are our clients or those of one of our competitors - to try and keep costs down for everyone.

Obtaining premarket authorizations for vaping products in the United States is the biggest challenge our industry has ever faced. With little solid guidance from the FDA and a short timeline, no one can guarantee any outcomes (and people who do don’t understand the situation). However, companies with a lot at stake in the United States need to decide whether they want to move forward.

You can find out more about the TPD in our News and Updates section


Innovation intelligence

Vaping technology changes and evolves at a staggering pace - so fast that it’s hard to keep up with the innovations that are happening on a daily basis. We’ve teamed up with leading market makers in Shenzen, China, to monitor the research and development activities of the leading factories.We update subscribers to these reports on the latest technological developments in three categories: eliquid and nicotine, dry herb and concentrate vaporizers. We overview the technology, the factory behind it, and give you the details you need to update your product line or protect your intellectual property.


Comprehensive literature reviews on any known chemical substance.

When we developed our TPD compliance service, one of the biggest hurdles was how to obtain toxicological data on e-liquid ingredients efficiently and at a reasonable cost. Other companies set to work hiring expensive toxicologists and charging extortionate fees for their work. We decided to take a different path.

Our literature searches contain all of the same studies, but they were generated automatically using software developed in Miami, Florida to crawl through publicly available databases. And because we automatically generate the data, creating reviews for new substances takes us 30 minutes rather than 30 days.

You can use our reviews in order to help comply with the TPD, for your own research purposes, or to help comply with any other regulation that requires that toxicological data be submitted like the EU Cosmetics Regulation or various FDA requirements. And you can buy them here and have them delivered to your inbox within 24 hours.

  • Buy report
  • Report delivered
  • Convert to XML using TPD XML creator tool
  • Refer to report in your TPD notification
  • Upload XML report to ETRUSTEX
  • Upload report to ETRUSTEX
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Advisory team

Our multi-disciplinary, decentralised advisory team is qualified to help solve the complex regulatory and strategic issues our clients face.

Peter Beckett

Peter Beckett

Managing Director

Peter is a leading public affairs professional and Tobacco Products Directive compliance consultant. He played a leading role in the legislative process that resulted in the adoption of the TPD and understands its provisions for vaping products in minute detail. He has also advocated for vapor product interests in the United States on behalf of the Vapor Technology Association.

This deep involvement in the passage of legislation related to vaping has placed him in an ideal position to assist companies meet the various requirements imposed upon them. He is based in London.

Dr Monica Vialpando

Dr Monica Vialpando

Scientific Director

Monica is a pharmaceutical scientist who specialises in poorly soluble molecules and inhaled medicines as well as vapor products and cannabinoids. She helps Beckett Associates clients prepare their formulations for regulatory scrutiny, devises analytical strategies and programs, and advises on both scientific and quality control issues.Her background in pharmaceutical product development also places her in a unique position to assist in the formulation of new nicotine, cannabis and nutraceutical product lines. She completed her PhD at the University of Leuven and is based in San Francisco.

Dominick Moxon-Tritsch

General Counsel

Dominick’s work is found at the intersection of policy, lobbying and legal practice. Formerly European Head of Public Policy at Uber and legal advisor to the International Fur Federation, he serves as Beckett Associates’ in-house General Counsel.

Dominick has also worked as an adviser to the UK Health and Safety Executive (which regulates chemicals). He is a practicing solicitor (England and Wales) and qualified at magic circle law firm Clifford Chance.





Ongoing TPD management

Beckett Associates have worked with us on our successful TPD notifications since 2016 and we are consistently impressed with the level of service and attention to detail. Their team helped set up our internal notification filing system, which we use to this day, and have provided high level support to our compliance team on changes in national legislation around Europe – Peter has a talent for spotting regulatory opportunities that many others miss. Their FlavourTox system has helped us scale our toxicological library at a reasonable cost.

BA has also assisted our clients both in the UK, Europe and the US in their own TPD submissions, and in some cases the net results have brought planned brand launches forward by months.

Brett Horth, CEO, Vapouriz

Vapor Chef

Vapor Chef

Meeting and exceeding the TPD

We contacted Beckett Associates after growing frustrated with another consultant who did not meet deadlines and exceeded the budget provided. However, our experience with Peter was everything we could have hoped for and more. The timeliness of the project exceeded our expectations. The final cost remained exactly as it was stated during our first conversation. The expansive knowledge that Peter and his team offered us exceeded the scope of the TPD compliance project we contracted them for. Their communication was exceptional from the beginning right through to the end. I can not recommend them highly enough.

Cory Sweeny, CEO, VaporChef



Sourcing for oils and concentrates

In late 2016, OutCo was looking for reliable and high-quality vape cartridges to compliment its premium oils. The market currently is flooded with dozen of similar, cheap carts, but only through the help of Beckett Associates could we find the right premium cartridge for us. Beckett Associates grasp of the industry and special contacts allowed for a fast solution to our supply problems, and them being on site in China during the negotiations, secured us a significantly better price. The cartridges sourced through Beckett Associates helped us expand our concentrate offering to more markets and costumers with higher product satisfaction and significantly fewer returns.

Dr. Markus Roggen, VP Extraction, OutCo.



Strategic consulting

Ever since 2013 and the beginning of regulation in the nicotine vapor sector, Beckett Associates has consistently been ahead of the game. Thanks to their guidance we were able to provide top notch assistance to device manufacturers seeking to work under the new European regulatory regimes that are relevant to the industry. Leveraging the knowledge and network Beckett Associates brings help both with routine regulatory filings under TPD and strategic intelligence gathering on the future of regulation and taxation of the industry.

Dmitri Churakov, CEO, Wingle Group Electronics



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